Do you have so much to offer but no one understands?

Are you struggling to translate your military experience to civilian language?

Do you want to be living life on your terms?

The Mind Kit specialises in tapping into the wisdom that was created by your experiences in the military. The Mind Kit's programs will equip you with the tools and principles required to access this wisdom so you can create masterful lives post discharge and live life on your own terms. You will learn to become the creator of your own experience, a highly functioning human being with the internal technology of a soldier! Each of these programs will give you insight into the effects of the training you recieved and a process for getting back to the core of who you are so that you can make decisions for your future in alignment with your natural state, core values and core beliefs.

Foundation Program (Tier 1&2 CTAS/CTMC)

Extended DISC personal analysis (includes a 2-3 hour ‘unpacking’ session)

2 coaching sessions

Growth Program (Tier 3 CTAS/CTMC)

Extended DISC personal analysis (includes a 2-3 hour ‘unpacking’ session)

6 coaching sessions

3 hour group workshop

Unlimited phone, text & email support

Master Program (6-12 Months)

eDISC Personal Analysis (includes 2-3 hour ‘unpacking’ session)

Unlimited coaching and/or mentoring sessions

Unlimited phone, text & email support

Unlimited access to all workshops and webinar’s