About Chris: 

I spent more that a decade in the Australian Army in various leadership and operations positions including a six month tour of Iraq in 2005. I then transitioned to work as a registered nurse in the emergency department of the Royal Brisbane & Womens hospital before taking on several managerial roles within the private health-care sector that saw me managing teams of up to eighty-five staff in East Timor, the Solomon Islands as well as rural Victoria. My most recent role involved working for a large multinational medical device organisation in a demanding sales role. 

Along the way I have earned a master's degree, two bachelor degrees, a number of diploma level qualifications as well as qualified as a power yoga teacher. I have gained invaluable wisdom through interacting with people from all over the world via a love of travel. 

Most importantly, I am passionate about serving others who are hungry to make positive change in their lives as I have experienced many of life's challenges and have taken the 'long way' to find my place in the world. I spent almost eleven years in the army and another nine years since leaving to find my calling and passion in life. The Mind Kit has been developed to take the lessons I have learned during the past 20 years to guide you to your highest potential RIGHT NOW! 

Use my experience, learn the principles and implement the tools I will teach you to experience dramatic change and live life on your terms!

If you want to see different results in any area of your life contact me today for your free consultation.

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