DUMB Goals!

Chris Wightwick from The Mind Kit discusses how the use of SMART goals allows only a limited result. SMART goals are useful for achieving our tactical targets however can't aid us when we attempt to figure out how we are going to put a dent in the universe.

To create a life full of joy, abundance, success, happiness, & inner peace, we MUST live authentically, we MUST have congruence between our truest deepest self and our actions.

To tap into this place of inner genius and create an intention and highest purpose for our life, try using DUMB goals!

Create a Better Version of You by Celebrating!

Chris Wightwick from The Mind Kit explains how to create a better version of you by utilising the power of celebrating an increase in self awareness. Neuroscience tells is that to create sustainable change, we must set new neural pathways. Celebrating an increased level of awareness will strengthen and deepen these new pathways to create an improved way of being in the world. This will ensure you are constantly growing, being a better version of yourself and moving towards a life lived on purpose.

How to Unlock the Power of Your Unconscious Mind!

Chris Wightwick from The Mind Kit shares how to tune into and utilise the power of your unconscious mind. By increasing your awareness you will begin to recognise that opportunity for growth and learning is ever present. As you create a life full of growth, where being outside your comfort zone MUST become your new normal, then you will be able to design a life you love and live every day on purpose, in joy and with abundance.